We take care of WordPress so you can take care of business.

Unlimited WordPress maintenance and small jobs only for $89/month.


Spend less time fussing with your WordPress site and more time working on things you care about.


Email us anytime, anywhere with any small jobs you’d like done on your site.


We’ll install security software and check in on your site regularly to ensure everything runs smoothly.

What Do We Do?

We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and dive into WordPress.

In fact, we kinda like it.
These are just a few of the ways we can help you:

Speed up your site with the latest caching tools.
Add a new page or post with your content.
Fix broken images, text, and anything else.
Secure your site against hackers and malware.
Backup your site to prevent data loss.
Much, much more.

Get Started

Ready to have your WordPress site professionally maintaned?

Join us for only $89/month per site.


Remember, there is no long term commitment or contract to sign. You can cancel at any time if you find yourself missing your WordPress administration panel.

How It Works

Having your site expertly managed is easier than you think.

Send a Task

Email us something you’d like us to take care of on your site. We’ll do anything an experienced WordPress developer can handle in 30 minutes. We only ask that you wait for us to finish a task before sending us another.

We’ll Take Care of It

Our team of developers will handle your task as quickly as possible. Most tasks are handled within one business day.

Enjoy Your Free Time

You just had an expert developer take care of your site by sending a quick email. You didn’t have to pull out a computer, watch YouTube tutorials, or cross your fingers and hope nothing broke.

With all the time you saved consider getting a massage. You’ve earned it.

Our clients get the best premium plugins for FREE!

When your site is cared for by tekjoy we have to ensure it runs at its best. As a result our plan includes the following premium plugins at no additional charge.

WP Rocket

The fastest WordPress speed plugin available. WP Rocket minifies your HTML and javascript, and caches your pages so that when visitors come to your site it’s ready for lift off!.

WP Smush Pro

This plugin compresses the images on your site. Whether they’re part of plugins, themes, or images you’ve uploaded, It makes them smaller making your site faster

iThemes Security Pro

The best WordPress security plugin on the market. This tool offers dozens of ways to secure your site making it nearly impenetrable.


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